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COVID-19 Update

July 26, 2020

Update to the status of USA softball in the State of Maine, for August sanctioned USA events we will still have the MAINE Teams only for the month of August. I have looked at a lot of things in making this decision and feel this is my best way to keep all of our Maine softball players safe and hopefully on track to return to school in September. This will be week number 4 of having weekend events at a large magnitude and with everyone of you helping we have been COVID 19 safe. I will be lifting my ban on out of state travel but highly suggest teams comply with what has been put forth from the Governor’s office.

There are still some areas close to us that I would not recommend travel to.

Our neighbors in New Hampshire have  their terms in place no out of state teams allowed to play in New Hampshire and New Hampshire teams cannot play outside of New Hampshire.

Our friends to the North (Softball of Canada) have closed border crossings until at least August 21st .

I will advise soon if more events are available in Maine.

Cleveland “Brownie” Brown
USA Softball of Maine
State Junior Olympic Commissioner


USA Softball Back to the Ballpark Recommendations

USA Softball of Maine Guidelines and Precautions

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Line-Up Card Modifications

Assumption of Risk, Release and Waiver of Liability, and Indemnity Agreement Relating to COVID-19 Exposure, COVID-19 Liability, and COVID-19 Risks

Adult Softball Information

2020 USA Softball of Maine Co-Ed Championship

  1. Mallard def 207 Mix and Match  16-12
  2. Michaels Angels def the Vipers  18-17
  3. 290/Daddy’s Home def Kind Guy  19-13
  4. Andrea’s Bridal def Mallards 11-7
  5. 290/Daddy’s Home def Michael’s Angels 20-3
  6. 207 Mix and Match def The Vipers 9-7
  7. Mallards def Kind Guy
  8. Michael’s Angels def the Vipers
  9. Michael’s Angels def Mallards
  10. 207 Mix N Match def Kind Guy
  11. 290/Daddy’s Home def Andrea’s Bridal12-9
  12. 207 Mix N Match def Michael’s Angels 11—8
  13. Andrea’s Bridal def 207 Mix N Match 12-8
  14. Andrea’s Bridal def 290/Daddy’s Home 8-5
  15. Andrea’s Bridal def 290/Daddy’s Home 22-6

Andrea’s Bridal wins USA Softball of Maine  2020 Co-ed  Championship


Order of finish

  1. Andrea’s Bridal 4-1
  2. 290/Daddy’s Home 3-2
  3. 207 Mix N Match 3-2
  4. Michael’s Angels 3-2
  5. Mallards 2-2
  6. The Vipers 0-3
    Kind Guy 0-3

Men's E Slow Pitch State Championship Results

  1. Hang em and Bang em def Freaks Drywall  14-5
  2. Generals def Beeriew Mirrors  10-0
  3. Highly def Dr.Disc Golf 10-5
  4. Green Thumb Organics def Warning Track Power 18-16
  5. Tough Jobs def Jims Gun Shop 9-6
  6. Rough def Limitless 17-1
  7. Cupcake Cannabis def J+R Shockers 12-4
  8. Hang em and Bang em def Fastbreaks VIP 5-2
  9. Highly def Generals 4-3
  10. Tough jobs def Green Thumb Organics 12-11
  11. Cupcake Cannabis def Rough 16-1
  12. Warning track Power def Freaks Drywall
  13. Fastbreaks VIP def Limitless
  14. Dr. Disc Golf def Beerview Mirrors
  15. Jims Gun Shop def J+R Shockers
  16. Warning Track Power def Limitless 9-5
  17. Beerview Mirrors def Fastbreaks ViP 12-6
  18. Dr.Disc golf def J+ R Shockers 17-7
  19. Jims Gun Shop def Freaks Drywall 11-7
  20. Generals def Warning Track Power
  21. Green Thumb Organics def Beerview Mirrors
  22. Dr. Disc Golf def Rough 10-9
  23. Highly def hang em and bang em 19-8
  24. Tough Jobs def Cannabis Cupcakes 8-7
  25. Generals def Green Thumb Organics 10-6
  26. Jims Gun shop def DR Disc Golf
  27. Generals def Hang em and Bang em
  28. Cupcake Cannabis def Jims Gun Shop
  29. Tough Jobs def Highly 8-4
  30. Generals def Cannabis Cupcakes
  31. General def Highly
  32. Generals def Tough Jobs 12-2
  33. Tough Jobs def Generals  10-9

Tough  Jobs wins USA Softball of Maine 2020 Mens class E slow Pitch Championship

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2020 Late Summer Tournament

Waterville Parks & Recreation is proud to announce the First Annual Late Summer Coed Softball Tournament. Chad Glidden will be organizing the tournament.

All proceeds from this tournament will be used towards improvements to Rummels Softball Field.

Tournament Flyer

Team Roster Form